This Could Be Your Biggest Money Weakness


This Could Be Your Biggest Money Weakness
July 9, 2018

As I sit out on my patio sipping espresso, surrounded by a view of blue skies, tall green trees, and the sound of a babbling brook at the bottom of my backyard, it is easy to see that I indulge in the luxurious things in life. Relaxation, delicious foods, and a lust to travel the world.

This relaxation is making me weak as we speak. As I sit here, my muscles are rapidly losing mass, I am taking in caffeine from the espresso that is telling my body it does not need to worry about keeping me up because I will be consistently pumping in outside chemicals to help it. I may even get addicted to relaxing, foregoing the act of hard work altogether. This would be absolutely detrimental to not only my physical health but my mental health too. You can't just HAVE everything in the world without working for it first. You can't sit down and drink espresso all day and have an incredible beach bod.

I think our biggest weakness as a society is that many of us want the GAIN but we don't want the PAIN.

If you have ever watched the Disney movie "WALL-e", you will know what I am talking about. Hugely obese people getting shuffled around a spaceship by fancy futuristic wheelchairs. Anything you can imagine is provided to them. No work, no pain, only gain. If you don't actively try to stave this addiction to "luxury without work" off, we may end up just like them. Work, and hard work for that matter, is CRITICAL to living a fulfilling and prosperous life.

Its not all about the money here.

If you work hard and love working hard, you will do things that you find fun and fulfilling. Some people work extremely hard physically, like carpenters or electricians. Some work really hard but they work at a computer all day (like me!) so they have to bake in exercise on a daily basis to keep the braun in line with the brain.

Both types of Hard Work are critical. Hard Work forces FOCUS, it forces APPRECIATION, and it forces CREATION birthed by the determination to do things better or more efficiently. If you just accept the status quo forever (i.e.: never work hard) you will never have the opportunity to create new things. You won't ever CARE enough to create new things. You will just coast through life and then you will die. Morbid? Yes. True? Also Yes.

I was very lucky to be raised by an Italian Immigrant. My pops came to America poor as poor can be. How do you climb out of poverty? At the most fundamental level: You go to work and save some money, even if it is a very small amount each paycheck because you have to buy food and keep the lights on. My father's work was physically hard. From the age of 6, all he ever knew was hard work. How can a person like that fail in life? It is impossible. No matter what situation you put him in, he drives through it. He works his way through it both physically and mentally and comes out the other side seemingly unscathed.

If you want to have an edge in life, listen to my father's advice:

Work hard, kid. Not kinda hard. REALLY HARD. Put 110% effort into everything you do. Put in the effort when nobody else will. Work when nobody is looking. Work when everybody is looking. If you work you will be rewarded with not just money, but fulfillment in life. Work at your career, work at your relationships, work at everything worth working for.

So I end this blog post asking you: Do you work hard? Or is your biggest weakness the love of relaxation, the love of gain, without the pain? Love the work, love the pain, and the fruits of your labor will taste that much better.


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