Read to Get Rich


Read to Get Rich
May 28, 2018

“Those who don’t read have no advantage over those who can’t” -Mark Twain

One of the greatest things that has come from this blog is the endless supply of book recommendations I receive on Instagram! Thank you for sending me things to read, I have already crushed something like 40 books this year (both audio and hard cover), totaling approximately 8,000 pages.

I think that reading has a direct correlation to success. If you want to burn your brain cells watching mindless TV all night after work/school, be my guest. But wouldn’t it be more enjoyable (and productive) to learn about a topic you are interested in rather than watch Jersey Shore reruns? And it isn’t just about learning, reading is also really fun in general!

If you prioritize reading and other types of learning, I can guarantee your success. If you spend the extra 30 minutes per day to learn a new skill to apply in your business or at work, you WILL succeed.

Case and point: I was meeting up with an old friend from High School the other day and I was taken back by how much he know about negotiation skills and psychology. He runs a high intensity sales oriented operation and reads books on the topic every single day! He even recommended a few for negotiation beginners like me. (I’m going to start reading Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It soon and try to learn a few things.) That friend wasn’t born an incredible salesman, but through reading and ongoing learning he took his skills to the next level. Now he is living it up and moving to California to pursue his dreams out there.

One thing that my old friend explained to me was pretty deep, he said:

“MDAS, it must take you a while to write each blog post right? Now imagine someone writing a whole book on a topic. They are spilling all of their knowledge about a specific subject on a few hundred pages for you. By reading it’s like picking the brains of some of the greatest minds in the world!”

And he is right. So don’t just take it from me, I bet the most successful people you know are active readers and are always trying to learn. I keep an infinitely growing list of books on my home page (I’ll probably develop a separate place to keep this list sometime in the near future, broken down by category).


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P.S. New blog posts coming your way every Monday!

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