How to be More Effective at Achieving Your Goals


How to be More Effective at Achieving Your Goals
June 18, 2018

Do you have a habit of setting goals that seem way too far off? Worse yet, do you not set any goals at all? I am here to tell you that goal setting (and achieving) is an art, not a science. But there are a few concrete things that can definitely improve the likelihood of you being a goal crusher.

Write your goals down

By writing your goals down physically it gets them out of the LaLaLand of your brain. There are so many thoughts and ideas that flow through your head in a given second that real, achievable goals can get lost in the mix. Writing your goals down and looking at them, even reciting them on a daily basis, makes things that much more real.

Hold yourself accountable

One reason I started writing this blog was to share my ideas, opinions, and findings with you. An incredible side-effect is that I now have hundreds of people every week that read my ideas and sometimes challenge them. You keep me accountable to writing quality material that is helpful, makes sense, and empowering! If I don’t write something meaningful or helpful, I feel like I’ve failed. So get accountable, share your ideas and results with others. It has helped me enormously and I think it will help you too!

Be honest with yourself

“Become a millionaire by tomorrow” is not an achievable goal unless you are about to take a company public or have some seriously risky gambling positions. Be real with yourself when it comes to your capabilities. Realistic goals should be along the lines of:


These goals should be actionable by you and you only, not reliant on luck or chance. They should have a specific plan that can be written out and understood by a 5 year old. Here are examples of a sample goal/plan combo that might make sense for you:

GOAL: I want to be a millionaire before 40

PLAN: I will save and invest at least 50% of my income every paycheck

Like I said, create goals that are actionable and in your control! It is worth repeating: Don’t let anything be left to luck or chance, because when you take control you will be so much more effective.

What are your goals and how do you plan to achieve them? I want to hear what you are striving for, so please shoot me a message on my Instagram if you want to chat about them!


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